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My Ultimate Sewing Journal

In order to have a real relationship with our creativity, we must take the time and care to cultivate it.

~ Julia Cameron

Artists need journals. They need a place to keep notes, ideas, thoughts, plans. If you sew, you’re an artist. So, you need this journal!

Thoughtfully created by a fellow sewing artist, this journal is uniquely designed with everyone who sews in mind, this journal has been.

Whether you are a garment creator, a quilter, a hand-made bag aficionado or a mixture of all kinds of sewing, you’ll find using this journal to be a wonderful way to document your journey.

Divided into twelve months, this journal provides you with monthly project pages as well as additional pages to keep swatches, sketches, ideas and plans. It also provides pages for you to keep track of fabric and pattern purchases. Use it as a tool throughout the planning, designing and sewing process and keep later as treasured record of your work that you can look back on for years to come. Then start a new one for a new year!

The Journal Creator

Gloria Glamont is fellow sewing artist who designs, makes patterns and sews. She muses about style and design, and shares her sewing stories on her blog The GG Files. You can visit her at and follow her on Instagram (@ggstyletoronto).

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Need extra project pages?

Once you start enjoying your new journal, you might find you need extra pages. Download extra project pages to print at home.