LIFE IS TERMINAL: A Doctor’s Common Sense Guide for Making it to the End

Everyone ages. Accidents happen. Illness is a fact of the human condition. No one lives forever. LIFE IS TERMINAL. We know these things. Yet few people seem to have embraced these common sense realities. Author Arthur H. Parsons M.D. thinks it’s time they did. Parsons challenges you to confront your own beliefs and attitudes toward your health and your life so you can face the often unpredictable twists and turns along your journey as you move toward the inevitable end of your life. Whenever that might be.

About the Author

Dr. Arthur Parsons practiced family medicine and hypnotherapy for 45 years, 28 of those included a busy obstetrical practice. A graduate of the Dalhousie University School of Medicine in Halifax, Canada, Parsons was also a partner in Atlantic Offshore Medical Associates for 33 years, providing occupational health and medical services to off-shore oil companies in the North Atlantic. Some of his volunteer work in medical politics included ten years as the Chairman of Canadian Medical Association’s Ethics Committee, and a term as a director for the Canadian Society of Medical Bioethics. He was also the president of the Canadian Association of Medical Clinics. Parsons is the co-author of four previous health books including Hippocrates Now! Is Your Doctor Ethical? (University of Toronto Press) and When Older is Wiser: A Guide to Healthcare Decisions for Older Adults and their Families (Doubleday Canada).

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