This is the Way the Story Ends

The almost-but-not-quite-true stories BOOK 5

Imagination is funny. It makes writers write stories―stories with endings that don’t work. And romance stories don’t always have happy endings, no matter how much we wish it to be otherwise.

When writer Charlie Hudson (CK Hudson to her adoring readers) finished her great-grandmother’s unfinished manuscript and published, she thought she had the story right. But when she discovers the real people behind the characters in her great-grandmother’s story, Charlie knows she has to listen.

It’s 1989, and Antonia St. John has a single goal. To crash through that glass ceiling created by 1960s Madison Avenue advertising men. Then, the one thing she never saw coming threatens to derail her plans until she can find a solution. She never planned on having a baby―especially a baby who turns out to be a ballet dancer, something Antonia cannot get her head around. But the baby is just the beginning of Antonia’s journey into family life.

When she learns her baby’s father, Tim, has a secret buried in his past―a secret so big it changes everything― Antonia has to dig deep within herself to find the courage to see it through to the end and to find her place in the family. With an unlikely ally in her mother-in-law, Grace, who never liked Antonia, she finally begins to learn the lessons that families―even dysfunctional ones―have to offer. Figuring out where you fit into a family―and the world―may be the ultimate challenge.

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About the Author

Patricia J. Parsons has written more than twenty books, including health and business books, a memoir, two historical novels, and women’s fiction. She has been a fashion design and sewing fanatic for most of her life, a passion she writes about online at The GG Files at lives, writes and sews in Toronto.

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