Something I’m Supposed to Do

Sophocles once said that wisdom outweighs wealth. How can a young woman with too much wealth discover the wisdom of what she’s supposed to do with it?

Charlie Hudson has a problem she never saw coming. She has too much money and no idea what to do with it. As Charlie searches for what she’s supposed to do, she faces her great-grandmother’s unfinished book manuscript and finds herself drawn into the 1980s and a romance that might teach her something about the interconnectedness of life events. If only she could figure out what it is.

Charlotte “Charlie” Hudson is a young woman with a problem. Her great-grandmother, bestselling novelist Frannie Phillips, has left her fifteen million dollars. Now, she has to figure out what to do with it.

Charlie has a burning desire to do something important, something grand, something memorable. The problem is that she has no idea what that might be.

When she visits the Paris apartment Frannie also left to her, she discovers an unfinished manuscript for a novel in Frannie’s desk. It is a story unlike any Frannie wrote during her lifetime as a successful novelist. It occurs to Charlie that she should finish it. Finishing the novel takes her on a journey to find the places, the characters―and the rest of the story. When she discovers that the characters in the book were real people, she knows what she has to do.

Something I’m Supposed to Do is Charlie’s journey to discover the true identities of the people in her great-grandmother’s unfinished book. A twenty-first-century millennial, Charlie finds herself immersed in the world that was 1989, that started with the Exxon Oil spill in Alaska and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall―the year she was born. And the year Frannie died.

In this book-within-a-book, two casts of characters discover the interconnectedness of people and events as life unfolds as it is supposed to do.

Join Charlie as she discovers that grand gestures might not be as important as she thought.   

About the Author

Patricia J. Parsons has written nineteen books, including health and business books, a memoir, two historical novels, and women’s fiction. She has been a fashion design and sewing fanatic for most of her life, a passion she writes about online at The GG Files blog. She lives, writes and sews in Toronto.

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