At Moonlight Press we publish books to entertain and educate. We love fiction with a great story. Sometimes the story makes us laugh, and sometimes it makes us think. Either way, we know what we like!

Here is some of our favourite fiction.

Kat’s Kosmic Blues

The much-anticipated prequel to “The Year I Made 12 Dresses”

In the year after her mother Katherine (“Kat”) Hudson’s death, Charlie thought she had learned every secret her mother had. How could she have been so wrong? When Charlie discovers her mother’s diary, it’s as if Kat is right there, telling Charlie her story.  Kat’s story begins in 1965 when she’s 19 years old―the beginning of the journey that teaches her that her life will only ever be as much as she is willing to settle for. She discovers that she is willing to settle for nothing less than her dream to become a fashion designer, regardless of the obstacles along the way.

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The Year I Made 12 Dresses

Join us for an eat-pray-love journey for the rest of us – without ever having to leave home!

A struggling writer, an enigmatic shop clerk, an old sewing machine and an inspirational journey of discovery – where every dress is more than it appears to be.

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GRACE NOTE: In Hildegard’s Shadow

“Historical Fiction”

Hildegard of Bingen: Twelfth-century mystic, feminist, healer, and most especially, composer. At least that’s what many modern scholars believe. But not everyone. There is not a shred of proof that the sainted Hildegard was even one of these – much less a composer. This is the story of Lysanor of Rupertsberg, Hildegard’s childhood friend in whose story may lie the truth.

It is 1106 when pious, eight-year-old Hildegard comes to Ruperstberg to prepare for her life as a Benedictine nun, shut away from the world forever, in fulfillment of a promise made by her parents to God and church. During her years of preparation, her only friend is young Lysanor, a lively, irreverent lover of music and dance, a girl with no time for the church.

When Lysanor learns of her own parents’ pledge for her to join a convent at fifteen, she concocts a plan that goes so badly wrong, she finds herself imprisoned with Hildegard.

Armed only with her cherished psaltery – the musical instrument that is her only treasure – Lysanor begins to learn about the truth of life, the truth of music and the truth about herself. When her incarceration comes to an end, Lysanor is ready to do whatever she must to be her own woman.

This is the story of two women, both ahead of their time in many ways. Hildegard will become a twenty-first-century saint and icon. Lysanor will remain but a grace note – an embellishment of secondary importance. But their lives intertwine in ways that challenge both of them, taking them into experiences they could never have imagined. And both, in their ways, have left a legacy to the generations that followed.

Something More Than LOve

Historical Fiction

What is something more than love? It’s complicated. While teaching at a Canadian university, ex-pat American English professor Sean O’Hara stumbles on the diary of his great-great-great-grandmother, Bridget Ryan. With a doctorate in English literature based on the work of Edgar Allan Poe, Sean is deeply drawn into Bridget’s story when he discovers that she and Poe were contemporaries, friends and perhaps…something more?

When the diary begins in 1825, 16-year-old Bridget’s one passionate desire is to follow her widowed father’s footsteps into medicine. The medical school, however, has never admitted a woman and has no intention of changing that policy for Bridget. Thus, Bridget is faced with discovering another path for her life, a path that leads her to her life’s work with impoverished women in early-twentieth-century Baltimore and an abiding link to Edgar Poe. Bridget’s story sweeps us into her life in Boston and Baltimore, as we begin to unravel the mystery that, to this day, continues to surround the final few days of Poe’s life. 



JENN POSTMAN, a women’s magazine lifestyle writer never thought that such mundane things as recessions or inflation could hurt her until the day the magazine folds. Jenn finds herself back in her childhood home, a boomerang kid, working at the only job she can get– the one in her father’s booming gourmet grocery business.  Her life changes the day someone finds a tarantula in the banana shipment, while Jenn unearths a note from an unknown “Juan” in the coffee shipment from Costa Rica.




Secrets…they’re the stuff of everyone’s life. But most of us are not confessing!

Thirty-something Alex Harvey has secrets. Failing as a Yuppie is only one of them. And on the occasion of her tenth wedding anniversary one sticky June night, the secrets begin to emerge. By the time the party is over, life will never be the same again…for anyone.



Medical Thriller”

When EVE COCHRANE, a bored medical reporter facing a crossroads in her career uncovers an unexplained increase in the number of available organs in transplant super-star DR. DANIEL CURTIS’s  transplant program, she begins a journey through a medical maze populated by doctors, patients, PR people and media personalities, complicated by egos and greed, leading to a stunning revelation of ethical treachery.