Six Common Mistakes New Writers Make

Albert Einstein once said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” If you’re a new writer, you’ll inevitably make mistakes. We all make mistakes – especially when we’re embarking on a new path. Writing is no different. Over the past thirty years, we’ve learned a lot about writing and publishing […]

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The Making of a Bestselling Book

What is a bestselling book? As a writer, if you haven’t already achieved the status, you may have a goal, or perhaps just a hope, that one of your books will someday become a bestseller. A definition of the term is a good place to begin our discussion. The Oxford English Dictionary, arguably one of […]

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Real Writers Love Libraries

Who doesn’t love a library? If you just put your hand up, then step away from your computer. Put away your notebook. Forget about writing a book. Real writers love libraries. These days it seems that there are so many writing/publishing pundits who seem to think that the first consideration in writing a book is […]

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