Publishers on YouTube: Why you might enjoy them

Why in the world does a small publisher have a YouTube channel? Aren’t we supposed to be focused on books? Well, like our recent post about our love affair with book trailers, we also think that videos make great companions to books. Of course, this works best for nonfiction.

On our fall list is the book Permission to Write: How to Write a Book & Other Myths From the Real World of Writing & Publishing. We have just launched a 10-part video series featuring the author.

This video series is an opportunity for would-be writers (and anyone else interested in writing, traditional publishing and/or self-publishing) to garner some added value from the author and even ask her questions in the comments.

We’ll continue to offer added value whenever we can because we think it’s time publishers of all types and sizes offered writers something more than what’s been on the table for decades. And…it’s fun to produce videos!