Book Trailers: Love them or hate them?

Don’t you love a really good movie trailer? Except when you eventually find out that the trailer showed you the only really good bits in the movie! What about a book trailer? Never heard of such a thing? Let us help you out with that.

Book trailers are a thing of controversy among writers and publishers. Originated by business book publisher John Wiley and Sons, book trailers these days don’t seem to have garnered the kind of marketing success that you might expect. There’s very little data on how effective they can be, but there is a sense that they work best for nonfiction. Here at Moonlight Press, there’s nothing we like better than a good book trailer. And that’s why we make them for all our books. They’re fun!

We have a new YouTube channel (that we’ll write more about as time goes on) and we are beginning to upload our book trailers. But what better way to introduce you to the newest of the new than to present to you the trailer for the upcoming PERMISSION TO WRITE: HOW TO WRITE A BOOK AND OTHER MYTHS FROM THE REAL WORLD OF WRITING AND PUBLISHING. In our on-going effort to help writers to learn more about their craft and their industry, we’re delighted that this book will be available next month. [In an upcoming blog post, we’ll tell you more about the book-trailer-creation process.]

[And let us know if you’re planning to order it. Oh, and start posting your questions for the writing professor…the companion video series is under construction.]

Here’s the trailer…